Coaching teaches people to help and develop themselves through discussions and talks based on questions and answers that comes from within oneself. This will help you gain new insight in who you are, and also help you to deal with challenges and situations that life puts us through.

Challenges leads to personal development and a new level of self-awareness. Through coaching a new process takes form that leads to development. The goal is to create coaching environments in workplaces and at home.

I split it up in four phases:

  • 1
    To identify the reason for change 
  • 2
    To discover the needs, wishes and resources 
  • 3
    To create a plan that is both realistic and practical
  • 4
    To check off and measure the progress during the change

We start from where you are at now and work towards your desired location in the future. The purpose is to guide the balance of life, which can be a vital development to cope with today's fast and sometimes unforeseen events and situations. I have also created a method for setting up and reaching their target goals. By writing down and acting on the basis of an action plan, many reach the goal faster. It is based on responsible, driven and conscious people that you then more easily contribute to thriving "team spirit" beyond the ordinary!

I coach companies, organizations, sports profiles and teams who want to achieve WORLD CLASS in what they have decided!


20 years in the rally circus have given me challenges that I had never been able to imagine - at the same time I have also had fantastic experiences all over the world. My teams over the years have consisted of different nationalities, religions, attitudes and attitudes of all kinds. I have had the privilege of being part of creating platforms for teams that have become - world class!

I have had few women around me, but it has strengthened me and I have been taught to use all the senses (especially my sixth) when it comes to lightning fast decisions and decisive choices to navigate through the paths of life both inside and outside the rally car.

Besides that, I have trained myself in various areas that have helped me develop and achieve quality of life every day - both at work and in my everyday life.

I have created lectures, training days and workshops that I have filled with action, stories, lessons and "life tools" that I like to share with me based on life as a professional card reader and entrepreneur.

With a mix of photos, movies and music, I present different experiences and solutions to achieve success in life - all to take greater control of thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

As Albert Einstein said, "Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions".

Together with you who book the lecture, we build up the theme, education or workshop with a focus on what you need best to achieve. Here you will find some examples of lectures and themes to start with.

Every person is unique and each of us has created our own "life map" in the brain that we live by. But it can be reshaped - so plan and choose how you want the future from now on!