my involvements

UNICEF in Bangui, Säffle, Mentor, Coach, Sponsor & School4you

UNICEF in Bangui

My commitment to the orphanage in Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic, is thanks to Maria Theresa - who started and is still running it - due to her being of the same age as I, born in 1966. I was visiting the country with UNICEF and had to go to the nursery and get to know her and her visions with her efforts on orphans.

Maria Theresa asked for help and I promised there and then that I would do what I can.First, I recruited the paper raw material company Metsätissue who sent down 300 "staples" to the children. Der Kreis in Stuttgart has donated and printed 1000 notebooks and as many pens with pencil sharpeners.

I have paid shipping and during Christmas 2011 I donated EUR 3,000 from the sales of my book.

We keep a little contact over the phone and mail - but it is a bit left before they get access to internet at the orphanage. Right now, the country belongs to the poorest in the world, with civil war and lack of virtually everything - but the population spreads joy of life and has "spirit" in itself! If I feel down some day, I think of their challenges - to primarily stay alive. Then I realize I can't complain about anything.


I also support young people in Säffle - thanks to my siblings Elin and Fredrik being good athletes and role models for young people in their surroundings.Every year in early January, Tina Thörner Cup (hockey) is conducted through Säffle HC and I also support Elin in Säffle SS.

I strongly believe in more sports support. It is an important alternative that needs to be available for young people to take part in addition to their school. I also admire the many wonderful, talented non-profit leaders who make Sport Sweden come to life!

Mentor & Coach and sponsor for Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky!

Now that I no longer compete as much, I have decided to invest in Mikaela who is a young promising racing talent - Mikaela is the daughter of my first female rally driver Susanne Kottulinksy. She is passionate about developing and I to be able to convey my experiences in the sport - all because the process towards the top should go "smoother"!


School4you is a training tool that upgrades today's learning, gamifies and saves time. It provides opportunities for collaboration and exchange for schools regardless of culture or country. Free to use for anyone with access to the internet.

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