Tina Thörner

Tina Thörner in a light blazer

I was born and raised in Värmlandsnäs, a peninsula located in the north of the lake Vänern. At the farm where I grew up, I was taught early on to help out, both inside with our houses and out on the fields. My grandmother always said, “If you do nothing - nothing will happen”.

Influence what you can and spend time on what helps you get closer to your goal. It was a wonderful and useful “school of life” to grow up in such an environment. Today I can look back and appreciate my childhood and my upbringing with the developing- as well as the challenging parts of it. I was shaped to become a result-oriented and determined girl who was taught that you can never give up, no matter what!

My aunt was a teacher and she inspired me to love school and adapt an open mindset to knowledge of any kind. My dad always said, “knowledge brings about power and opportunities”. My gained knowledge and experiences have created my “sense of” comfort and safety for the decisions I make in life.

What I value most today is that open mindset I have adopted through reading books which has affected and changed my routine patterns, my thoughts and preconceptions. This way I get a broader understanding and can develop on all levels of my life. I always start my mornings with curiosity, and when I get back in bed again, I feel gratitude for all the experiences I have encountered during the day, good and bad ones. I am amazed at my own life – and I am so THANKFUL for it! When you fill your soul with unconditional love and ask yourself t “what is the best way to approach this” in all occasions I know today - there is no need for drugs or alcohol to brighten my life. I become “high on life” just through living it “here and now “. And I LOVE to coach others to bring out the best themselves in whatever they decide to do as well!

Through the years I have been working as a coach for individuals as well as teams both in sports and in businesses. Today the time is not there for me to offer this service, but I still want to keep this profession of me active, so I work with some individuals on my spare time during the weekends. Below you can read about my educational background.

  • Coach


During the year 2006 I studied to become a certified coach - including the one at coach2coach.

Being a coach means to help others perform better, find their inner driving force and reach definite results. Here I was taught different models and tools that I today have as a platform in my own coaching. It was an education that put words to much of what has helped me reach my goals within motor racing. And even if you do not aim to become a coach and coach others like I do, it is an education that can help you reach new heights in life.

Master university

February 24th, 2008, I attended a three-day seminar in London with Anthony Robbins, a guru within leadership- and negotiation psychology about how to create the best condition on all levels of your life.

During the years I have read many of Tony’s books and after my divorce I felt that I had to zoom out and start anew. I signed up for Master University - a program in three parts aiming at people who wants to develop and improve their qualities in life. We studied health and well-being for body and soul, relationships, feelings, scheduling and one’s career, starting down at cellular level. It is a program that has given me incredibly much valuable experiences and knowledge.

Can you improve your life, change and learn new patterns? YES, YES, YES!
My motto is to live my life on all levels and create a wonderful life - 24 hours a day, every day!


NLP stands for Neurolinguistics programming and is a collective name for a set of powerful and simple approaches, models and techniques for personal development and effective communication. The starting point is what is called modeling. It involves studying how successful people do, think and feel, when they succeed with what others do not succeed in, and then create models and techniques out of this that can be trained and used by others.

This is my explanation for what NLP stands for. I went to the program to acquire additional tools that could contribute to my own development. Since I am a result-oriented person who looks to achieve goals, this has been a great benefit and today I use a lot of this in my life and in my coaching.

Specific description of NLP: 1. Find out what you want 2. Do something to get yourself closer to what you want to achieve 3. Pay attention to whether you come closer or further away 4. If necessary, change your behavior in order to bring you closer to your desired results.

NLP consists of methods to make the process easier. Everything from setting goals, to becoming more active, increasing your attention to the results you get and changing your behavior until you get what you want. This training I did in 3 training phases of the coach2coach.

  • Inspiration speaker
  • Project manager
  • Stress and Wellness therapist
  • Rally co-driver (Navigator)


When my racing career became less of a stress in the beginning of 2000, I decided to invest in a Project Manager training in Stockholm at the Corporate Economic Institute. Here I got to educate myself in leading and coordinating all activities and functions within a project and, above all, how important the role of being a project manager has in engaging and motivating the members of the project group. You can be sure that these skills have been worth their weight in gold now that I have developed my company and run various projects around the world.

Stress AND WELLNESS therapist

Through my previous assignments, I have realized that many people today are stressed and live an unconscious life in terms of diet and health. With these facts as a basis, I decided to get myself back in the school bench and educate myself to become a Stress and Healthcare Therapist. It includes running lectures, health projects, doing surveys, giving personal advice, reducing stress and preventing physical and psychosocial illness out on companies, municipalities, county councils and organizations.

When I feel stressed, I thank my body for signaling it to me and then I take the necessary steps to get myself back on track. Otherwise it will be like driving a car when the oil lamp starts to flash - if you do not fix the problem the engine will break and then there will be great consequences. If you fill the car with new oil in time and keep maintaining the machine (your body) everything will be just fine. I trained at Hälsoakademin in Europe and today we have a collaboration.


Now that I have worked with so many people, I want to get a better understanding and an efficient exchange with the groups and teams that I work with. It led me to the course of Structogram, a tool for human knowledge and personal development. Because all of us are all wonderfully beautiful and unique creatures!

As I see it, it is a crucial factor for a conscious strategy of success that my participants gain self-knowledge of their own personality. For that reason, I participated in the program: Structogram-Trainer. These rewarding exercises I can perform on smaller or larger groups. The course offers the participants competent help in the search for self-knowledge. An extension of that school is the Triogram, where you learn to recognize other people's biostructures and to be alert to other people's behaviors. An excellent training for teams or project groups who want to develop and improve their cooperation. This training took place both in Sweden and at their head office in Switzerland where I am a trainer today.

In recent years Tina has become one of Sweden's most popular keynote speakers and has assignments worldwide. Through her solid education - alongside with her assignment as one of the world's leading co-drivers in racing - she mixes knowledge and experiences with her challenges and experiences from motor sports and applies them in real life.

Tina has in recent years become one of Sweden's most popular keynote speakers and has assignments worldwide. Through her solid education - alongside her assignment as one of the world's leading co-drivers in racing - she mixes knowledge and experiences with her challenges and experiences from motor sports and applies them in real life.


Study techniques

Since I love reading and advancing myself, I bought book after book and finally there was no time to read all of them. But I wanted to! Then I read that you could increase your reading speed through training where I immediately looking for that course. I started with Speed reading and it really helped, suddenly I managed to read through more books. It gave me a lust for more and now I also wanted to remember them, and it led me to attend a course in Mind mapping to be able to gather and compile what I had read. When I was done with these two courses, I went to one last course in Memory dynamics - a course that teaches you to improve your memory. And all of these courses have helped me in so many other areas in life.

The brain is a peculiar muscle that improves dramatically with the right exercises. My education and training of these techniques took place at Imemory for 3 years and develops further each time I use them.

Power yoga instructor

The fact that I also educated myself as a Power Yoga instructor felt like a matching compliment to my personal training and hectic lifestyle. Here you train strength, balance, concentration and mobility. What was challenging was to coordinate the breathing with the movements so that it became "a dance" with the body as well. It was a thorough education that I attended at The Academy for a year.

rally star - song

The Rally star song I wrote the lyrics to and recorded in 2006 after I had won a competition called Rampfeber. I made a promise to a group of youngsters from Avesta - if I won the contest, I would record a song and show that even if I lacked the knowledge and talent from the start, I could train and work with myself to develop it. What is the worst thing that can happen if you follow your dreams? The worst that can happen is that you have gained a new experience!

It is about becoming a “gladiator” for your wonderful life - do not give up until you have tried!