Race director

FIA Smart Driving Challenge

I have navigated on to a new road in the world of motor sport & mobility where I am a part of a team thriving the first major global road safety and efficient driving initiative by FIA (Federation of International Automobile) and the United Nations, that addresses motorists of the world. Powered by AI telematic from the Swedish company Enerfy (Greater Than).

It is a competition where you set a score based upon how safe and efficient you drive your car. The higher the score – the SMARTER you drive! In FIA SDC anyone who drives a car with an OBD reader (On-Board Diagnostics), connected with a smartphone can compete during their day-to-day driving (with fossil-, hybrid- or electrically powered cars). After each run, the score will be shown together with statements on how the car has been driven as well as suggesting areas where to improve. This information is created from the Apps digital coach (running AI telematics from over half a billion drives).

The pre-runs started in September of 2018. Now FIA SDC is receiving feedback where users, by adopting the devises, are observing the different moments of their driving. This raises an awareness on reduces fuel consumption due to SMART driving. In other words; more money stays in the wallet and less CO2 emissions as well as fewer accidents while driving!

For me – it is really a WIN-WIN concept!

This is the first ever FIA championship, where the competition is focusing on coaching motorists to adopt driving skills, reducing the risk to have an accident, as well as raising the awareness on how to lower the carbon footprints in our environment while driving. The winner of this challenge will become World champion in SMART driving, receiving the prize at the annual FIA prizegiving each year together with the winning drivers from all FIA motorsport championships.

I was a globetrotter during my rally career and now I really feel like a world citizen worker, who’s daily input together with my team, contributes to support the future of sustainable mobility. I am so proud to be working with 245 national mobility- and sporting clubs from 143 countries, with around 80 million members.

My days are now filled with actions I love to do!
The Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile is a non-profitable association
established on 20 June 1904 to represent the interests of motoring organisations and
motor car users. To the general public, the FIA is mostly known as the governing
body for many auto racing events. The FIA also promotes road safety around the